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39 years old
November 16, 1975
Male Male
Bolton, Greater Manchester,
Anything Zombie obviously!!
George A. Romero is GOD! His last few have been a bit shit though!

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About Me

About me, Well,

I'm happily married with kids, yes those two words can go together in a sentence, happily and married. I work full time as a showroom manager and head designer for a kitchen company. If this is recession, let it continue, I've never, ever known it to be so fucking busy!!

The other loves in my life, other than my wife and kids are as follows. Now this is going to be a long list so please keep with me!
HORROR - Anything horror, I love it all! Obviously my main attraction to horror is the zombie genre, as I've said countless times before, and I will keep saying until my dying day, George A. Romero is God! There are plenty of zombie movies I love though, that George had nothing to do with, so at least I'm not biased! I collect zombie movies on any format, hell, I've still got a few VHS knocking about! As well as collecting movies I also have a pretty decent collection of zombie novels, comics, graphic novels, figures, playing cards,
posters, blah, blah, blah!
GAMING - Xbox mad! Love it! Any game, but my personal favourites are FPS. Call of Duty in particular. There is no better feeling than going on line and owning some cheating, modding, hacking scum! I love my Turtle Beech!
MUSIC - Very broad music taste, but my love is METAL MUTHERFUCKA!! No, to be honest I will give any music a chance. Except GaGa,Rhianna,Boy Band Shit,House,Dance,Trance,Dubstep,RnB,Hip Hop and all that fucking crap! In my mind, music is only music if it's played! NOT programmed! A few of my favourite bands include, Slipknot, RATM, Downset, Rush, Dream Theatre, InMe, Yes, I could go on and on, but that'll be boring!!
I'm still trying to talk my Wife into letting me have another drum kit as well! Used to play in a band a few years ago. Done mainly covers, stuff from Green Day, Nirvana, Sex Pistols, Ugly Kid Joe, Faith No More and the like, we did manage to record a couple of demos of our own material, we liked it, but the chances are, if I listened to it now, I'd probably regard it as shit!
SPORT - There is only one sport in the world, Football. End of! To be honest, I will watch any sport apart from Horse racing, Golf, Cricket and Crown Green Bowling!
Fav team - Chester FC. Proud to be in the Evo-Stick first division!

That's about it really, i also enjoy drawing/painting, travelling (Even though I'm shit scared of flying!!), messing about on computers and loads of other little boring things!
"Hey Bub! Wanna learn how to shoot? You puss brain bag of shit!"


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    01 Apr 2011 - 12:39
    hey mate, sorry i couldn't talk in the chat. i am working in one of my shops today and had an influx of customers. glad you like the new boards!
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