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BitTorrent piracy helps music sales, according to a study?

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 02:23 PM

I translated this from Bulgarian site, so there might be some grammar-breakers or word errors, but you'll understand it without a problem. It's a interesting read, so spare few min to check it out.

new academic report by a researcher at State University of North Carolina examined the relationship between BitTorrent downloads and sales of music albums. Contrary to what is often claimed by major record labels, the report concludes that there is absolutely no evidence that unauthorized withdrawals have a negative impact on sales. Instead, the study found that more piracy directly leads to more sales of albums. For more than a decade researchers look for the effects of music piracy on the income of the recording industry, with mixed results. However, none of these researchers did not use a large sample of accurate statistics download in BitTorrent tracker to explore the topic. This missing element motivates economist Robert Hammond , who is an assistant professor at State University of North Carolina, to conduct its own investigation.

In a report entitled "Profit Leak? Pre-Release File Sharing and the Music Industry "Hammond published his findings. Between May 2010 and January 2011 Professor collects many statistics about downloading new albums that are placed on the largest BitTorrent tracker closed dedicated to music. It then uses the information collected in conjunction with the sales figures to construct a model that provides what is the usual effect of piracy on music sales. results are unique in their kind and show that BitTorrent piracy creates a rise in sales of albums. "isolated cause causal link sharing on album sales, taking advantage of exogenous variation in how widely it was distributed album before its official date of issue. Evidence suggests that sharing an album positively affects sales. I did not find any evidence of adverse effect in any specification, using any tool, "Hammond concluded in his report. Overall, the model includes a record 095 1 075 contractors. The study focuses on albums that have passed before their official release. The music industry is often stated that "the limitation of pre-reliys ¹ piracy is a significant priority for the recording industry. "

Reliysi These are the focus of criminal proceedings against piracy sites and the United States and the United Kingdom. However, according to the survey, sales may be adversely affected by infestations of these sites. The findings of Hammond offered that piracy itself acts as a kind of advertising like radio and media campaigns, where more pirated downloads lead to modest increases in sales. told so, the effect described in the report is balanced, taking all factors into consideration Hammond concludes that album ended month in advance leads to more sales 59.6. To some extent the results are surprising because other studies have found a negative relationship between piracy and music sales. But Hammond notes that none of these studies had no access to such detailed and accurate statistics on downloads, which makes possible going beyond the usual correlation. Also, unlike some other reports, Hammond focuses on albums instead of individual songs . "focuses on how the sharing of individual album helps or harms the sales of this album. interesting question is whether the individual musician can expect sales to fall with greater availability of web albums to share files, before the date of issuance. find that the answer is no.

" Another unique discovery reported in this study is that popular musicians earn more by piracy than the inglorious groups. For younger musicians re-reliys piracy has no effect on sales. This conflicts with earlier studies. Hammond, however, noted that these data are richer than those used in other studies, and therefore more accurate. In addition, we added that focus on pre-reliysite may be the reason for the lack of effect on new musicians. While the data reported looks solid, the question to be asking is how representative are the data for the whole music piracy in BitTorrent. Closed tracker, which question has over 150 000 users, who are little more than ordinary music fans. Overall, the report gives us a unique and unprecedented analysis of BitTorrent piracy and music sales. Simply disputed the arguments of the music industry that pre-reliys piracy damages the sale of albums, and suggests that BitTorrent piracy acts as a promotion.

¹ Pre-reliys is the emergence of a digital product online for download before its official date of marketing.

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