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Lilith's Photo

Lilith  Type O Negative Vinyl Box Set? Don't mind if I do!!

Nov 10 2011 09:36 PM

s0me-kind-0f-m0nster's Photo
s0me-kind-0f-m0nster  Nov 11 2011 08:12 AM
was this released to comemorate the passing of peter steele?
Lilith's Photo
Lilith  Dec 15 2011 07:33 PM
no, I don't think so. I found out from one of his sisters blogs. It was titled :I wonder who's profiting off of this." and it's being released by Roadrunner Records.
Lilith's Photo

Lilith  this Jack in the Box taco is amazing and "Ahhhhh Zombies!" made me laugh!

Jun 08 2011 07:03 PM

Craig's Photo
Craig  Jun 09 2011 03:48 PM
I love the Jack in the box adverts, crack me every time I see them lol.
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Lilith  I leave for a month to have a baby and now I have to start over?! Well the new forum looks better!

Jun 01 2011 05:11 PM

Craig's Photo
Craig  Jun 01 2011 05:44 PM
Good to have you back, and congrats on the birth of your new baby :)
Lilith's Photo
Lilith  Jun 01 2011 05:50 PM
Thanks! The new forum looks great! Now if I can just get a pic uploaded I'll be close to done. lol
Craig's Photo
Craig  Jun 01 2011 06:27 PM
Lilith, your avatar and "profile pic" are two DIFFERENT images.

Go to your profile settings (top right hand corner) Click profile, select either change photo, or change avatar.

Try and set the pic size to ONE PIXEL smaller then allowed (eg, if max. avatar size is 90x90, set yours to 89x89 pixels)

If you're having trouble, let myself or another moderator /admin know and we will sort it for you.