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Harry Question?paulallenpaulallen03-30-11  02:34 am
New Forum!petch_lucaspetch_lucas03-30-11  01:27 am
Return To Camp Crystal Lake Conjasonsfurytonycrazyralph02-04-11  08:51 pm
Score for 'Cut'jasonsfuryjasonsfury12-24-10  11:53 pm
The Daisy Power Girls Talk BLOOD and XXharry_manfredinipetch_lucas10-29-10  11:04 am
STINGY JACK....GLAD YOUR DOING THE SCOREbozcotmlangseth12 10-21-10  11:19 pm
Cameron's Closetpetch_lucasharry_manfredini10-21-10  04:42 pm
Bottrop Weekend of Horrors 2010zombiecoopsharry_manfredini09-16-10  05:34 pm
What Are You Bringing To Camp Blood?jasonsfuryharry_manfredini10 09-14-10  05:51 pm
Score For Hallow Pointejasonsfuryjasonsfury07-09-10  03:44 pm
HALLOW POINTEbozcospencer06-25-10  05:36 am
Another questionrogerxyspencer06-08-10  06:29 am
Harry officially announced for FRIDAY THE 30TH!petch_lucasjasonsoutthere06-06-10  09:06 am
Harry! Did you see the article on JOB in the new Fango?spencerharry_manfredini04-28-10  11:27 pm
Add me as a friend on Facebookwilliemakitharry_manfredini04-27-10  08:14 pm
Bloody Screenplaysserial_killer_2000serial_killer_200004-21-10  10:29 pm
"The Black Waters of Echo's Pond" Scorejasonsfuryjasonsfury04-08-10  01:28 pm
Prices?britbuffguyharry_manfredini04-06-10  02:37 am
Awsome meeting you Harry! lord_hearse_kinghorror_fan_1304-04-10  06:50 pm
SPRING BREAKbozcoroycefilmwriter03-02-10  09:50 am
JOBbozcojasonsfury02-26-10  07:49 pm
HARRY.....HALLOWEEN 3 SCOREbozcopetch_lucas02-09-10  09:44 am
Ki ki ki ma ma ma noise.... Questionsilvershamrock82harry_manfredini10 02-03-10  07:38 pm
Harry what which was you favorite?paulallenharry_manfredini01-03-10  01:15 am
Happy New Years Harry!!machete_mikeharry_manfredini01-02-10  06:55 am
Harry interview for new F13TH PART 5 dvdroycefilmwriterharry_manfredini49 12-27-09  01:03 am
Harry question about these Friday The 13th movies?paulallenharry_manfredini12-27-09  01:01 am
IMurdersjacktorrancemachete_mike10 12-07-09  01:31 am
HARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY!!!!!crystal_lake_slasherroycefilmwriter07-28-09  03:31 am
Getting a copy of a movie you've worked onjacktorranceharry_manfredini07-19-09  05:43 pm
OFF-TOPIC....a little personal promotion here!petch_lucaspetch_lucas06-29-09  05:28 am
Harry at Fear Fest 3!petch_lucaspetch_lucas30 06-24-09  10:04 pm
Harry did you ever do this?paulallenroycefilmwriter06-14-09  10:40 pm
HARRY WHAT SCOREbozcomachete_mike06-12-09  06:45 pm
Harry what does Sean think about this?paulallenfunguy05-13-09  02:47 am
Just a nod to you...silvershamrock82roycefilmwriter05-12-09  03:16 am
Guess what Harryroycefilmwriterharry_manfredini05-09-09  08:31 pm
Hey Harry!silvershamrock82harry_manfredini05-01-09  03:49 pm
HARRY...TCMbozcoharry_manfredini04-02-09  11:30 pm
HARRY WHAT NEWbozcolord_hearse_king03-29-09  01:26 am
Harry what did you think of this?paulallenharry_manfredini15 03-18-09  07:51 pm
HARRY FOR PART 2bozcofunguy03-04-09  02:58 am
Quick question for you Harrylord_hearse_kinghorror_fan_1302-26-09  04:02 am
Harry where are yah?paulallenmachete_mike01-27-09  02:32 am
Wizardworld Texas/Fear Fest: Harry, I'm bringing beer again....petch_lucasharry_manfredini10 01-10-09  07:15 pm
Harry question about Friday The 13th part 1?paulallenharry_manfredini11-07-08  08:19 pm
Harry do you know this?paulallenharry_manfredini11-07-08  08:18 pm
Happy Belated Birthday, Harry! johnmistressmarshmello08-30-08  08:52 pm
Got the Dark Delicacies stuffdarenhammerspencer08-26-08  12:19 am
It's Just A Bunch Of NUNSENSE, However.....petch_lucasharry_manfredini08-23-08  08:04 pm
HARRY..FRIDAY THE 13TH REMAKEbozcoharry_manfredini08-23-08  08:03 pm
Thanks Harry!horrorhoundmachete_mike08-12-08  09:57 pm
Music for food trade?cheffinchercheffincher08-08-08  09:32 pm
Harry at Comic Con!petch_lucaspaulallen08-08-08  06:32 pm
A question for Harry about Slaughter Higheddie_the_headcount6string13 08-01-08  05:36 pm
Harry did you ever do this?paulallenpaulallen07-15-08  02:48 am
Lobby for Harry to do remake, go herevoorheeshousekeeperharry_manfredini06-21-08  04:27 am
Damn Harry this sucks man.paulallenmachete_mike06-04-08  11:57 pm
HARRY..........ROB ZOMBIEbozcoronner1805-17-08  03:10 am
Harry did you ever meet this person?paulallenpaulallen05-03-08  07:44 pm
HARRY....WHAT WAS THE FIRST SCORE YOU HEARDbozcoharry_manfredini05-01-08  04:30 pm
Harry question?paulallenjoshuasfields21 04-18-08  02:40 am
HARRY........WRITING OR DIRECTINGbozcoharry_manfredini04-17-08  09:28 pm
Harry do you still have this?paulallenharry_manfredini04-13-08  03:18 am
Hey Harry!jigsawharry_manfredini04-01-08  11:51 pm
HARRY NEXT HALLOWEEN MOVIEbozcoharry_manfredini04-01-08  08:33 pm
HARRY ANOTHER QUESTION FOR YAbozcocrystal_lake_slasher15 03-29-08  02:20 pm
Harry will you be at this place Saturday?paulallenpaulallen03-12-08  12:57 pm
HARRY FOR 2008bozcoharry_manfredini02-04-08  06:00 am
Harry thought that was cool!paulallenpetch_lucas19 01-19-08  08:26 am
Steadi-Cam, SCARS & Harry!petch_lucaspetch_lucas01-11-08  03:19 am
Happy Holidays Harry!!machete_mikepaulallen01-04-08  04:48 am
Harry Manfredini on blog talk radio Nov 11thhorror1979spencer12-20-07  02:13 am
Harry at Scream Fest (video!)petch_lucasharry_manfredini12-16-07  02:30 am
SOUND OF MUSIC Wrap....petch_lucaspetch_lucas11-30-07  11:58 am
Horror Hound Weekendharry_manfredinishe_knows11-09-07  10:48 pm
Hey Harry how long did it take you to do this for friday?paulallenmachete_mike11-08-07  12:39 am
Silly Question For Harry:)...mistressmarshmellomachete_mike20 11-02-07  01:08 pm
Harry at Screamfest 2007voorheeshousekeeperharry_manfredini10-30-07  06:09 am
Culinary Excellence in the making....petch_lucasvoorheeshousekeeper10-23-07  02:55 am
What happened on Part VIII?jacktorrancejacktorrance10-20-07  01:49 pm
Thanks Harry!horrorhoundharry_manfredini10-14-07  10:32 pm
Friday the 13th Part 3 showing Saturday!horrorfan104horrorfan10410-13-07  06:12 am
Screamfest 2007 Orlandoerikvoorheeshousekeeper15 10-11-07  02:39 am
Neat Interview With Harry on YouTubepetch_lucasharry_manfredini10-05-07  03:11 pm
Archive through October 04, 2007 paulallen332 31 10-04-07  07:32 pm
HEY HARRY QUESTION?paulallenshe_knows14 06-21-07  06:23 am
Latest questions for Harry Manfredini masqueradechrisyb45 06-01-07  01:21 pm
Let's welcome to the forum....HARRY MANFREDINI!petch_lucasmistressmarshmello50 05-14-07  10:16 pm
HARRY QUESTION ABOUT FRIDAY THE 13TH??paulallenhorrorhound13 05-08-07  11:17 pm
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